Oils and Acrylics - Julie Hunt

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Oils and Acrylics


Kyran, aged 13, from a photo taken at my nephew's wedding,
wearing my hat!
A Christmas present to go with the red and black decor in his bedroom!
Acrylic on canvas - approximatelly A3


Girl in Blue - oil on plywood
I painted this at a portrait class I attended in Farnham. It was back in about 1998 when I started to get back into my painting. 24" x 18"


I love painting in oils but rarely do due to lack of space. They usually take a while to dry so that takes up my workspace so there's less room for another project. However thats no excuse and if you'd like an oil painting I'm sure I can find space! Acrylics on the other hand dry quickly though they don't blend so easily. Oils and acrylics are suitable for most subjects. Acrylics are durable and give a direct and more contemporary effect. Both oils and arylics are best done on larger canvasses, paper or boards.

'Swans flying over the lake'
Acrylic on canvas - unframed
with Knife and brush
100cm x 50cm

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