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Other Commissions

Dave Windsurfing - watercolour and pastel

This was a commission painted of a client's husband windsurfing. I've exaggerated the waves and brightened the colours to give the painting more movement and atmosphere.
"I am delighted with my commission by Julia Hunt, her creativity brought alive a photograph of my husband windsurfing, the painting now has pride of place in our home. Julia is exceptionally professional and easy to work with, you understood my wishes perfectly and we are thrilled with the result!"

'Thank you so much for your wonderful
Watercolour you did for me.'

                               Quiet Time
                    Large watercolour painting

This was painted for a friend who wanted a romantic painting of a girl sitting on a bench in a garden. As it was a Christmas present and the weather and time were against me, I had to construct it from several photographs. Hiring a model waould have put the price up and although I tried to get a friend to pose outside, a track suit didn't really fit the bill! So I had to find a photo of a girl that would fit the bench I had in mind - and, of course, changed her a little. So it was a composite painting, very big for a watercolour, and with a lot of background detail which took some time to create! Anyway I think she was very pleased with it.


               Dancing Lady - A3 watercolour                                                                            Dancing Ladies - silk painting           

Both these paintings are based on a couple of paintings I did a while ago from a photograph. I was so inspired by the freedom and movement  of the dancers with the sea in the background that I painted them both spontaneously just with a brush. They have been so popular I had some prints made.
The single lady on the left was painted as a commission - the gentleman wanted an original painting - it wsan't easy to reproduce with the same spontenaety or in the spirit of the original paintings, but I think I did quite a good job and he was very pleased with it.
The 2 ladies on the left are painted on silk with a shell border. The photo is a bit skewed but it is really straight. The lady who commissioned it had already bought a similar one earlier based on the single lady. The same lady also bought 'Baptism' - below.

Biker - Pencil on A3 paper


               Freedom Fairy - A3 watercolour                                                                               Baptism - Mixed Media
           Commissioned for my Granddaughter


      "I love this picture; in winter it reminds me
        of summer, and when I am too old to fly it
          will remind me of many happy times"

         Pegasus over Lasham - A2 watercolour
   Commissioned by a friend who owned this Glider


             Arwen - painted on silk - as a fairy

2 Zebras - acrylic
commissioned by my daughter Zoe for my granddaughter Jasmine

            House with 2 Dogs - watercolour
       An old photo - hence bad reproduction!

All commissions considered. Most subjects, most media, all sizes.  If you have a special memory of a place, person, pet or event - or just want a picture painted,  contact me on the phone or by e-mail and we can discuss it. I will do my best to honour your wishes.

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