Pastels - Julie Hunt

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                                                                             Wisden - a very wise Springer Spaniel  
                                                                                       A3 Ingres Pastel Paper

Bennie and Chester


 Border Collie
             A3 Ingres Pastel paper


  Ted, The Market Sharpe - pastel on Ingres paper - A3


                                                                                 Dolly - sharpe pup
                                                                                  pastel on Ingres paper - A3

Three black cats
(actually 3 pictures of the same cat)
A3 ingres pastel paper


Pastel on Ingres Paper


  Jack - a less detailed pastel drawiing
             on A3 Ingres paper
  "Julie did a wonderful picture of our Golden Retriever
  as a surprise birthday gift for my husband. It has a
  pride of place in our large lounge where it has been
  much admired"

  Pastels work very well for animals - the softness and
  blendability of the medium is wonderful for fur.
  I can do a full pastel painting, or if your budget's limited,
  a less detailed one.
  The more detailed the photo, the better the painting,
  although I have still had good results with blurry ones.
  For instance the Sharpee pup was painted
  from a very blurry mobile phone photo!  

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