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Portraits, Pets, and commission prices

Quick sketches at events: on A3 paper                                                      
1 person - approx 20 minutes - £15                                                                         Colour sketches:
2 people together -  £22                                                                                        1 person - £30 - approx 30 minutes
3 people together - £30.00                                                                                     2 people - £50
4 people together - £40                                                                                         3 people - £65

I also do quick sketches from photographs but they are not so easy to do unless you know the person well! I feel that a more detailed sketch gives better results.  They cost a little more:                  

Quick sketches:                                      More detailed sketches:                        Detailed Colour Sketches:
1 person - £20                                         1 person - £45                                        1 person - £60
2 people together - £30                            2 people - £75                                        2 people - £95                                          
3 People - £40                                         3 people - £95                                        3 people - £115
4 people - £45                                         4 people - £110                                      4 people - £130

Full Drawings:                                        Pastel/watercolour:                              Oil Portraits:                                     
1 person - £90                                         1 person - £120                                      Oils take longer to do and to dry, so depending
2 people - £140                                       2 people - £175                                       on detail and size start from £200. Acrylics are
3 people - £155                                       3 people - £205                                       fun for bold effects and start from about £150
4 people - £170                                       4 people - £225

larger sizes and other commissions - A2 or more:
Prices for portraits quoted are for A3 or A4 size - larger sizes will be more - depending on the amount of detail etc.
Standard price for a portrait on A2 or similar paper in pastel/watercolour/acrylic, would be £165
( £145 for a drawing or monotone in another medium)
A scene - landscape, house, seascape etc - £165 - £220 depending on detail
2 or more people or animals portrait on A2 - £235 - £265
More if there is a lot of background detail required.
Small figures or animals in a landscape take less time than full more detailed figures so would work out approx £235 again depending on background detail.
Portrait of a man walking a dog( 2 portraits) fairly close up in a recognisable scene eg by a lake with trees on A2 paper - would work out around £300
Portrait of a person on a windsurfer close up - 1 person + windsurfer + waves etc in background - approx £300 - more if you want a lot going on in the background.

I don’t do these often but they take considerably longer and  good quality materials are more costly so the price will be more. They start from £200 for an A3 portrait, £300 for A2 portrait, more according to detail and multiple portraits.

These prices are a guideline and are not totally fixed and will be decided after consultation with the client at the time.
A 20% deposit is required before starting on a commission.
Also I can send you by e-mail or person a progress report.

Windsurfing Commissions, landscapes, seascapes, houses, planes etc:
Each commission will be priced individually, depending on size, medium and detail. A landscape or similar painting will be priced roughly at the same price as a portrait of the same size.
Example: Watercolour portrait of a man walking a dog (2 portraits) with a fair amount of detail in the background - on A2 paper could work out at about  £265, less or little background detail - £235. Small figures in a large detailed scene - also about £235
Example: Portrait of a person on a windsurfer close up:- one person + windsurfer + detailed sea background on A2 paper or canvas: approx £265 - £300.
A4 0r A3 or similar would be a lot cheaper. However action paintings really need to be on a large format to make the best of the movement and dynamism, especially if they are to be in oil, acrylic or pastel! Oils would work out a bit more. I also can do drawings.
Please contact me if you would like a painting done and we can discuss the details and price either on the phone or by e-mail
For prices of other paintings and prints for sale please refer to the relevant pages -"Paintings on Silk", "Wind and Kite surfing,"  "Escape" and "Other Paintings".
A4  portraits or commissions free for the UK (flatpacked) -  Small charge for mounted picture or for A3 (unmounted) - Extra For A2 or mounted A3.  Posting abroad will be calculated accordingly.
For home delivery or if I come to your house to do a sketch, a small charge for petrol will be added.
Please contact me for options

Delivery and Postage

If you are interested in buying any of these paintings on display - please contact me for a price. If you live not too far away I could deliver or you could collect from me. I'm not happy posting with a frame (mainly because of the glass - and also the frame may get damaged). If you really, want I can get them delivered - but the cost is likely to be high - or can post smaller ones  (up to A3) with or without mount (flatpacked), but A3 or over may have to be posted without a mount.
So please contact me to discuss options   

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