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Watercolour Singles


Watercolours are perfect for portraits, especially for children, with their gentle subtle washes. They are ideal for smaller sized pictures(eg A4) as well as larger ones because of the fineness of the medium. They are also suitable for couples or groups of people.

Jasmine, at about four years old, in her
in her favourite dress at a garden party.  
On A3 watercolour paper.
Commissioned by her father


Trinity with her teddies
on A3 watercolour paper
commissioned by her grandparents


Joy, not long after the birth of her second child - on A3 watercolour paper


This was a commission for a Dutch gentleman of his wife with their dog on the beach in Holland. She had sadly passed away and it brought  back happy memories for him and their daughter. A3 watercolour paper


Steve the fisherman with his prize, caught at Oakhanger - A3 watercolour paper

If you would like me to do a portrait  of someone,  or a beloved pet  from a photograph, it is worth bearing the following things in mind.
The photo is best taken with natural light, from the side for best effect, but as long as it is a clear photo showing a fair amount of detail it should be alright. If you are taking a photo inside try not to use flash, if possible, because the eyes are importrant. Several photos are best as I can see the character better. However I can still work with a less detailed photo to good effect though the painting may not be so detailed. You can e-mail me with your photos and we can discuss your requirements, including which medium would work best etc. on the phone, in person or by e-mail. I am of course happy to work from life too if you live nearby especially for quick sketches.

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